Eye of the storm

Many times in life our roles reverse.

Today, I went from being the boys comforter, to them giving me peace.

God is so good to do that for us, just when we need it most.

I can’t help but think of the many mothers over the years who have faced great grief, yet in their child’s eyes see the light amidst the storm.

God is ultimately my hope and comfort but I know he gave me the boys to remind me there is always tomorrow, always another day, to glorify God & to be thankful.

In the eye of the storm,

you remain in control.

And in the middle of the war

you guard my soul.


When we begin to live our lives, with the perspective of what really matters, that’s when we  truly live.

Not our fancy cars,

bank account statement,

or what number the scale says.

Our loved ones,

our health,

dancing in the kitchen,

a giggling baby or salty ocean air,

are all some of those things.
Each and every day is a gift,

what we do with it, that rests on us.

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