New Year 2017


res•o•lu•tion –

a firm decision to do or not do something
Sounds to me a lot like change.
My family could have never been prepared for the changes that God had in store for us this year.
2016 brought us many days of laughter,
sunshine, beach babies, stinky diapers
& baseball games;
but mostly the word to describe 2016 will forever be pain.
With the loss of Sean’s father it is the only thing that fits.
To be honest, my sons,
my marriage, my mothering,
has been in survival mode for the last few months.
I questioned so many things in my life &
when I look at this picture, I feel peace.
What is more important than this right here?
My family.
Everything to me.
I do not have a resolution.
What I do have is thankfulness to my God for all he has done & continues to do for me.
Yes even in death & pain.
Even when I fail.
Even when I am weak.
He is strong.
Sometimes trials are Gods way of taking our hands off of what is not secure,
& putting them on the only thing that is -HIMSELF❤
I am also thankful for the community of fellow Mamas, shops & friends I have made through this wild social media world.
And since I am a mom & we have church in the am
I’m peacing out !
So here’s to 2017.
Love you all.
Looking forward to taking you on this next years journey ✨ #2017

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