You are enough, in Christ.

Today marks our 100 th day of homeschool.


I didn’t even realize it until I updated my attendance log .


Wow, its a big deal for us, okay maybe just me.


Most of you don’t know this, but I NEVER thought I would be a

Homeschool Mom


It was through conviction, prayer and some hard nudges of the Lord and my husband that it was even considered.

I always had this idea that people who homeschooled were either Amish or completely mad ! I always said ” No that’s not for me, or I couldn’t do it “.

Taking the first step this year,

registering with South Carolina

 & having a full blown Kindergartener was HUGE !

Can I do it ?

I don’t have a teaching degree.

What about my other two boys ?

What about when they are older ?

How about that lie people always talk about,

” Socialization “

(That one gets me every time,

I would have to lock my kids in a closet for them not to be social.)

What if he struggles?

Am I enough?

What if I am not.

While I was asking myself all these questions,

I came across this beautiful mathematical equation in the book

” Mom Enough ” By Rachel Jankovic


Mom (never enough)


God (infinitely enough )


Do you hear me ?







We are NEVER enough,


and his unending grace and love for us.

So maybe its not homeschool,

maybe its just motherhood in general,

maybe its a new job position,

or a new responsibility in the church,

or a new relationship,

whatever it may be that has you questioning yourself.

Doubt is not from above,

Keep your eyes fixed on him who controls all things and

gives strength to the weary,

faith to the faithless,

hope to the hopeless.




in fact I am !

I have a happy thriving six year old.

And guess what , I am not Amish 🙂

just a little MAD !

I am part of a beautiful  homeschool community of mothers who have the same goal in mind for their children’s education.

Yes its hard,

yes I have days where I threaten to stick my son in regular school,

but the reward far out weighs the struggles.


“I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me “

Philippians 4:13






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  1. Congratulations on your 100th day! Beautiful post. What blessings there are for those who have placed their trust solely in Him!

    Do you have a separate FB page for the blog? That way those who don’t do e-mail can follow your posts, and it’s one more stat to give those who you work with. Throwing it out there for ya.

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