thankful for our Jamie





It happens to me

Every kid

Every birthday

Another trip around the sun

I get so emotional

Not in a selfish

No you cant grow up way

But in a wow, already? it can’t be way

My third born will be two in hours and its bittersweet

I like to take these milestones and reevaluate myself

The mother I am

My priorities

Time spent

It feels like yesterday I was stuck in bed vomiting while my mom had to watch frick and frack


I was so sick with James I was hospitalized and almost rejected the pregnancy due to dehydration

For NINE months

not the cute first trimester,

I was sick and had to be medicated

( against everything I agreed with )

I was scared

What if this medication in fact wasn’t okay to take while pregnant ?

After James was born

ten toes

ten fingers

We were overjoyed !!!


We were informed  later on  that

the medicine I took caused death and birth defects in babies


Why God ?

Why did you give me this beautiful baby?

I don’t deserve it

For most of you this may seem crazy

But when eyes are opened to how vile sin is

and how merciful God deals with us

there is nothing but humility that could come out of it

You see

I am the opposite of the

 I deserve this


Only because I know Jesus lived

and I know for certain he humbled himself low enough to be born in a feeding trough

How many of us would put our beautiful babies newly home from hospital in a barn ?

Are you guys getting it yet?

No I do not deserve this life I live

God doesn’t have to bless us

He’s the creator and he can do whatever he pleases

No I didn’t deserve James being born with no birth defects and completely healthy

Why  ?

Because the student cannot be greater than his teacher

“The disciple is not above his teacher:

but every one when he is perfected shall be as his teacher.

Luke 6:40


My teacher was spit on ( JESUS)





And eventually crucified  for our transgressions

and he did it willingly and perfectly for those who hated him

So if you are still reading

my point is



I have a humbled view of who we are as Gods children

and how much he blesses us even when we don’t ask and do not  deserve

I am so very thankful for God protecting our Jamie

For bringing him into the world

For keeping him for two years

I cannot imagine life without him


Happy Birthday Baby ❤

17″ Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change”

James 1:17





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3 thoughts on “thankful for our Jamie

  1. Such a beautiful message. The Scott family album has a song called “still” and what you said reminded me of a line. “You answer my prayers, before I even speak.”
    He knew you deserved the blessing that is sweet James. You are an amazing mother and you inspire me!

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