Because I know for certain no parent takes their children’s future lightly,

and the amount of inquiries I have had of people interested in this

controversial & challenging topic

I have decided to give you some

reasons why my husband and I homeschool our three boys


*As a disclaimer at the very beginning*

*I am in no ways saying one way or the other is wrong*

*Both Sean and I do what we think is best for our specific circumstances and family*photo-jan-18-12-56-38-pm


Why we homeschool

  1. Freedom – as a homeschool family we never have to fit into a certain mold or school day, sometimes we take family vacations in October, sometimes we do lessons on the beach. As long as my children and I follow our States requirements the possibilities are absolutely endless
  2. Save Money – although homeschooling usually requires at least one parent to stay home, in the long run you end up saving a ton of money. I do know of  single parents working and doing it. No daycare payments, private school tuition, and we save on gas money since there’s no back and fourth five days a week to various activities. Homeschoolers save tax payers money, too.  According to The National Home Education Research Institute, homeschoolers saved the taxpayers $16 billion in 2006.
  3. SLEEP ! – A research study released in March 2016 found that homeschooled kids get more sleep than their peers who attend school.( bonus so do the parents staying home teaching them wohooooo!)
  4. Teaching them about Christ first, studies second – Public schools right now are teaching directly against what Sean and I have painstakingly taken years to invest into our boys
  5. Time – the thief right? seems like yesterday our little babies were held in our arms and now they are learning how to READ ! We personally are convicted that even in sending our boys to an excellent private school, we would not be spending a biblical amount of time with them. Average 8 hours a day, times it by 5, mix in some Saturday practices and games during the week and BAM your looking at hardly ever being with your kid(s) and the thought of that makes me sad. John is in a wonderful homeschool co op called  Trinity Homeschool Group  And although it is only two days a week, I find myself so thankful I do not have to rush around those other three days, back and fourth, back and fourth. When John gets home from his 8:30 -3  school day he is tired, doesn’t want to talk about his day and usually runs in the shower giving me a glimpse of him as a teenager ? I again am so thankful for our home days when we get all the quality time in, that’s also when he usually starts telling me funny things about the day before. So because I am able to directly parallel him being home and then in his co op two days a week, I see right before my eyes what it could have potentially been like if he was in conventional  5 day a week schooling. ( I don’t like it ) I spend the best hours of the day with them.  We sleep in, with no place to be or need to rush & although sometimes chaotic its SO worth it!
  6. Learning from real life – what do you really remember from school ? The stuff that interests you, what you enjoyed or were good at. I have the unique ability to see my child’s strengths and weaknesses and accommodate according. ( something although schools may try to do is virtually impossible to accomplish for every student ) I also think teaching the boys life skills such as emptying a dishwasher or changing a diaper are things that he will be a better man and husband for learning .
  7. Better education -Why is it that we as parents think we are underqualified to teach our children? Who knows them best ? No, I do not think a four year teaching degree makes you more qualified to educate my child.The National Home Education Research Institute reports that children who are educated at home typically score 15 to 30% higher than public school students on standardized academic achievement tests. This is true of students who are taught by parents with or without a formal education, and students whose parents fall within a wide range of income brackets. In other words, a parent’s education and financial standing have no bearing on a homeschooled students ability to score higher on standardized tests than children who attend a public school.Homeschooled students also score in the above average range on their SATs and ACTs, says NHERI, which are important tests that colleges and universities consider for admissions. Because of this, home-educated children are being recruited by many colleges and universities. In fact, homeschooling has become so popular that many institutes of higher education have a tab on their websites dedicated specifically to homeschoolers who wish to apply for admittance into their schools.The study also showed that homeschooled students consistently earned a higher GPA than the other students enrolled in the college.
  8. Moments – I am there when he struggles to read. I see the pain and frustration, but wow when he really gets something? and I had a part in it, there are no words to actually describe the feeling. We did it! Together! These are moments in our lives I know we will both never forget
  9. Family Relationships – when children spend more time out of the home than in it, I have seen the family dynamic and closeness suffer. So yes, when John is struggling through reading, James is running around throwing balls, while Mark does legos. It is also a learning experience for little brother watching big brother struggle in an area, for his future education and learning process. My boys are insanely close no matter their age difference and I attribute most of that to homeschool
  10. Submission – Sean and I refuse to submit to what society, the government or any person’s view of how they think our children should be taught or raised. And the ONLY one we do SUBMIT to is Christ and him alone in all areas of our life. I do not follow the crowds, I never did even before I was saved. So why would I now, because everyone else thinks school is supposed to be one way ? Nope not us.Photo Jan 18, 1 04 03 PM.jpg

So there you have it.

Although my list could keep growing.

If you have any questions on what resources,

curriculums  or laws for your state feel free to comment and I can gladly help !

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday !!!!

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