In LOVE with Pink Blush


2017-01-14 16.50.57-1.jpgWhen I was asked to collaborate with Pink Blush to be honest I had never heard of the company. Then when I talked to my IG besties and Mamas they nearly fell over that I did not know of the brand.

With that being said I CANNOT BELIEVE what I have been missing out on. Heres where this brand has truly stolen my heart. Pink blush is classy, affordable clothing that not only makes motherhood look good, but any woman.

On top of that, all the articles of clothing are so versatile they can make it from early stages of pregnancy, to the I can’t see my toes, and then post baby.Photo Jan 14, 4 36 09 PM.jpg


The dress I was sent is absolutely timeless.

Everywhere I go,

I am stopped and asked where I purchased this dress.

Heres my other favorite part of this dress


Are you guys getting it ?????

Beautiful, comfortable, transitional clothing line,

washes beautifully and can make any woman feel like a model.

So heres my advice

if you haven’t already

order something.

Just one thing and I promise you will be hooked.

And for a limited time I will be hosting a Pink Blush giveaway.

Here are the steps to win a $50 gift card to the shop

  1. Follow My blog
  2. Like and comment this post
  3. Follow both my Instagram and Shop Pink Blush

Thats IT !!!

* If you have won a PinkBlush giveaway within 6 months, you will not be eligible to win, Winners must wait 3 months before they are eligible to enter to win again.

*We will not be able to issue a gift card if they have already won within the last 6 months

*Winner will be announced in the week to come !Photo Jan 14, 4 49 27 PM.jpg

Good luck everyone and Happy Saturday !Photo Jan 14, 4 51 10 PM.jpg

10 thoughts on “In LOVE with Pink Blush

  1. This dress was MADE for you! You look gorgeous! I’ve filled a cart a few times but mom brain always lets me down 😂 after your review I’ll have to actually check out hahaha

  2. I learned of Pink Blush when researching maternity clothes this summer! Their clothes look BEAUTIFUL, but since I didn’t know anyone who had bought from them, I didn’t know how the quality of their clothes held up. Glad to know that I now have an inside source! If they’re open to constructive criticism, I would say that they sent too many e-mails (almost smacks of desperation). Also, I understand the dresses being hand-wash and air-dry, but when I buy casual clothes, I want them to be rugged enough to be machine washed. Their t-shirts and yoga pants are also listed as hand-wash.That said, they have piqued my curiosity. (Don’t have IG so not entering, but wanted to give some feedback.) You look wonderful!

    1. Not sure they were looking for constructive criticism, but thank you for yours ! I was able to put mine in the wash on gentle cycle and I just hung it dry. I agree with the fact that clothes need to be easy to maintain ( especially as a Mama) , which is one of the reasons I reccomend this dress.

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