Hi yes thats me.

I am that weirdo that ALWAYS has a big clunky Nikon with her almost everywhere.

I have absolutely no reason to defend why,

but I would like to help you understand

when you see us crazy parents out in public doing it.

When you become a parent instantly you are enamored.

ten perfect toesies

a squishy helpless body

and we can’t forget the newborn smell

( life changing)

I should probably stop describing an infant before I end up pregnant again 🙂

This helpless beautiful gift from God grows,



Next thing you know they are able to do so many things for themselves

in fact they hardly need you anymore.

And yes of course thats the goal in this parenting thing right?

But heres the thing

when my three sons are taller than me and

God willing have their own families and lives,

All that truly remains are the memories.

To be honest,

I take so much for granted on these long Mama bear days.

I can remember at points of my mothering being in straight survival mode.

And I hardly remember any of it, completely a blurr.

( two littles in diapers under two )

So yeah.

How do I cope with that?

What makes my heart sing?

Looking back at the pictures.

Which is why I take many candids of sticky faces and silly faces.

I don’t want to forget how scrumptious your two year old toes are Jamie !


Or  John when you show us your toothless silver smile

I literally cannot help but see into your soul.

And those ears lol !


And Mark, the face you get when fishing?



I am finite

I know God knows and remembers everything, but I won’t.

Some of you choose scrap booking,

or maybe its a journal to record your days.

For me its that clunky red Nikon.


I often look at pictures thinking

 I cannot wait to show your wife that

I look forward to the days that I am able to sit around a table with my adult sons

(Lord willing) and remember.

My hope is that as we rummage through old albums,

and memories are ignited of the beautiful moments that make up this messy life we share.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend,

full of laughter,


and lots of pictures 🙂

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