D. I. Y. Valentines

That moment you realize you are supposed to send your kid  to school with Valentines and have none.

Haven’t we all been there at some point ?

Some might be asking themselves

wait she home schools

how can it be that her son gets to hand out Valentines day cards ?

Well one of the many positives of being part of a Homeschool Co- Op or Group is that the boys get all the things they may have missed about traditional schooling like plays

art club

year books

and you guessed it

the school wide Valentines exchange !!!

So  I start rummaging through the house wondering what I can throw together.

Then I had a thought

I should check online

print out something and have the boys get involved.

And thats exactly what I did.

I found this pretty amazing site

my scrapbook.com where they have dozens of free images and templates.

You can also make your own.

So of course we went with Star Wars!




I printed them four to a sheet and the boys and I cut them out.

Mark glued them to heavy weight construction paper we already had in the house.


James pretended to help by scribbling all over


John signed his name one by one




We always have Organic lollipops handy so that was the treat attached.

I had some left over bags from Johns birthday so my job was to put the lollipops inside with the cards.

It took us about 20 minutes time

It was inexpensive ( everything used to create I already had in the house)

Everyone got involved

And we had fun while doing it.



blog size 3 (1 of 1).jpg

If any of you are in my area and have been thinking about trying homeschool

I would HIGHLY recommend

Trinity Homeschool Group

It really is the best of both worlds colliding.

I homeschool John by myself primarily but also get the wonderful opportunity of sending him to this group two days a week.

 A little bit about Trinity Homeschool Group

Trinity Homeschool Group is a collective group of parents who seek to foster love, support, relationships, community, & a Christ-centered environment surrounding our children’s education. We hope to be a source of mutual encouragement in pursuing a model of learning that fits the needs of each family. We desire to provide our children with not only the best opportunities to grow in knowledge, but also to equip them as young men & women who love Jesus, exhibit integrity, & have strong character. Therefore, we exist to collectively provide private instruction to our children in a homeschooling format. We utilize private tutors to aid in our homeschooling endeavors, while being the primary educators for our children. Collectively, we gather on Tuesday and Thursday of each week for grade-specific tutoring. We also serve as a homeschooling support network for one another.   (*taken from their webpage)

As always send me an email or comment if you have any questions about anything I have talked about in this post 🙂


Happy Valentines Day friends !

James Outfit:

Hat: Jack and Winn

Bib: Mama Sew Happy

Pants:Quinn and Dot

Shirt: Darling Designs by Dee

Moccasins: Inspired Apparel Co

Johns Outfit: 

Jeans: Target


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