Stay Strong 

Once upon a time I was in my early twenties. I had one baby.

And he rocked my world.

I remember calling my mom on our first outing alone crying.

As I walked into the store I saw an experienced Mama and watched her in awe.

She had kids hanging off of her.

What struck me most was her calm.

And here I am some six years later.

And I’m that Mom, by Gods grace.

As I walked out of #target today

I saw that same girl walking in with one baby.

I winked at her and bought her a Starbucks.

See the thing is.

I am not better than her.

All I have on her is time and stretch marks.

We are on the same team.

Let’s raise them up.

The days can seem so long.

But don’t forget it’s on fast forward.

Before I know it these boys will be bigger than me.

Embrace it.

Remember it.

All of it.

Like Marcos band aid.

Stay strong Mamas.

Gods Got this.






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