nap time rituals & tips




Those things we fought hard growing up

Yet  we would give anything to sneak away and take one as an adult

I know every home looks different and has their own routines

But here is a glimpse of ours at nap time

I find that one of the biggest reasons I stay strict on my schedules with the boys even

though we homeschool is because they thrive on routine and sleep

I mean I thrive on routine and sleep !

When James sees me fill up his diffuser with oil

he immediately goes to pick out books

In his little two year old mind

he’s knows whats coming

and we both like that

Sometimes we read one book

Sometimes we read ten

But almost instantly when the last page is read

its lights out

And this

my friends

is when Mama Bear tackles my household chores

I home school the older boys

and catch up on photography edits

I will admit that even with the older boys

I force them to have quiet time which usually turns into them falling asleep also 🙂

Hope you are all having a great Thursday !

And to all my Mama followers


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