10 legit reasons I’m late





late again ?

I used to be late because I changed my outfit ten times

or spent extra time on my makeup and hair

these days not so much



  1. Besides myself I have three other bodies to feed, dress, brush hair, teeth, I know there is gonna be mothers out there, ALWAYS ON TIME and/or with more mouths to dress or feed before they leave the house. . But this is my real life and if I can help one other Mama not feel alone….. its worth posting
  2.  SHOES, yes shoes. My enemy, seems extreme ?  When it is Summer time and living a block from the ocean it is not as rough, but winter oh man, try putting 6 feet in boots and then tying them! This can sometimes take me a full 20 minutes, no joke, no exaggeration. Then oh yeah, I need shoes 🙂
  3.  James blankie, yes my two year olds dirty, plush blanket he cannot live without. There has been more than one occasion that I leave ON TIME !! I almost arrive to my destination annddddddd JAMES has no blankie and we turn around. Some may be thinking who cares? you are spoiling him  !!!!   I CHALLENGE YOU TO HAVE  JAMES ANYWHERE WITHOUT HIS BLANKIE ! and then you will understand. Stop judging please.  Also when we do get outside, they find a bug or lizard and stop and try to catch it for another ten minutes
  4. Okay now we are in the car ! half the battle right ? WRONG, now I have to strap three kids in the car and even if they are old enough to do it themselves I check to be safe.
  5. Car Sickness, OH WHAT FUN ! Marco my middle son gets car sick, pukes everywhere and even though I have a bucket he usually misses it.
  6. Remember those shoes that took me 20 minutes to put on ? Yeah they took them off in the car. SO add another 20 minutes to my arrival, yes I am in the parking lot AND you see me but I am putting shoes on again
  7. I hate yelling at my kids, of course I do it sometimes, but if rushing them and stressing about getting to a place perfectly on time causes anxiety or me to yell at the boys its not worth it.
  8. I am human!!!!  I know there are many super human Moms out there perfectly punctual and that is amazing. But this is something I struggle with and work super hard on.
  9. Even if everything went wrong and I am 45 minutes late I am not gonna speed. I would rather get there safe than dead.
  10. And although I have more reasons, last but not least, James pooped or another child has to poop, or pee this seems to always happen when my keys are in my hand 🙂


Here are some tips I have learned to help with my lateness,

Slip on shoes for everyone

Getting enough sleep the night before for Mama Bear and Cubs

Pre pack book bags and lunches

Wake up earlier 

So next time I am on time or close to on time,

don’t smell like vomit

and two out of three kids are dressed semi decent with somewhat matching shoes on

give me a high five!

Moms who try realllllly hard to pre plan and are still late








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