I had a really bad day

A bad mom day

James was clingy

Seans traveling for work

John started a fire on the stove ( yes it happened, no you don’t need to call protective services 😉

I yelled a lot

I am not proud of that

But what I can say is this

Around 4 pm I phoned my best Mom friend pleading for reassurance and I got it

from her sweet words of faith, love and understanding

See she’s a Mom saved by grace just like me

our hearts intent is to honor God and serve our family perfectly everyday

But that never happens

but guess what?

Thats where Gods Grace begins

See I salvaged my horrible day

and it even ended at the beach

with silly dances from the boys

and salty air and waves

Thankful for family

for my faith

for my sweet sisters in Christ

Happy Wednesday Loves!

Hope you ended your day as well as mine and don’t forget as long as its light we have time to turn our bad days around !!









One thought on “BAD MOM DAY

  1. We all have these days. I think if we didn’t have the tough days when we wanted to rip our hair out, he wouldn’t appreciate the great days so much. When you put the kids to bed at night and feel so blessed to have them…that peacefulness all comes after a tough day, you know?

    Love you mama !

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