dear sean

Dear Sean,

Another year.

This one was different than the rest.

God let much loss and pain in.

I have a different perspective on discipline being a mom of three boys,

knowing temporary pain produces lasting change in my sons.

I cant speak on behalf of God,

but I know for certain you are his son

and he will use the loss of your father for good.

Losing your dad will never get easier,

like losing a limb.

We will learn to function without,

but we will never be the same.

I have loved you since I was 16.

I have loved you on your bad days,

When you were a dork ( yes you )

When you still were trying to figure out who you were in this world.

I love you when you stutter.

I love how hard you work.

I love how even on bad days I can’t stay mad at you even when I try.

I love how our first born is your twin.

I love the father you are to our sons.

Young love is a different kind of love,

it is constantly changing.

You have the unique opportunity of watching your spouse evolve,

grow and become who they were always destined to be.


I know this year stings without your Dad,

but I want you to know you are all that is good in me.

I am so proud of you,

and I know your dad would be too.

Happy Birthday

from your wife

that lovestruck Jersey girl in this video.

the mama bear to your spartans.

your best friend,

___ Jackie

To God be the Glory





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