Re Naming Earth Day :)


Yes you heard it,

If I could

I would rename

” Earth Day”.

Why ?

Because I do not worship

Mother Earth

nor am I raising my sons to.

It is called taking care of what is not yours.

It is called being a steward to the land we borrow.

So now you are thinking,

well who’s land is it.



Whether you believe in him or not,

the same Bible that was written thousands of years ago by God appointed men still applies today.

And one of the many important things that book of wisdom teaches us

is that we should be stewards of what we are blessed with.

So this passed Saturday which was Earth Day,

my family and I cleaned up garbage if we saw it on our beautiful Carolina shores

 and my first born caught his very first fish as we enjoyed God’s creation.

On my Instagram account I have a very simple giveaway with Schwinn Bikes

Pura Stainless steel cups and some other great shops and bloggers that try and take care of their environment.

Okay, so what are we renaming Earth Day ?

My five year old thought it should be renamed

 God’s Earth Day

which I really liked 🙂

Don’t forget to hit the link and enter the giveaway

with a chance to win a Schwinn Bike !!!




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