the truth about homeschooling your kid; year one in the books, this is what I have learned thus far


When my husband originally shared his convictions of us homeschooling the boys I was more than hesitant, I mean after all I am not a teacher right ?


See although I have only just finished my first year in this journey, I have learned sooo much.

I think its important to share some truths about homeschool and if it helps even just one mom on the fence about doing it, then its worth it.

Truth #1

You will lose your patience and that is okay.

Usually the first thing someone says to me when they learn that I am a homeschool mom is

“Wow you have patience”

On about the ten thousandth time I heard this I realized I had to be honest with not only myself but the person saying it to me.

Because the truth is


In fact that is one of my biggest struggles since becoming a mom.

I pray daily for more.

So whats my response to that good old patience comment now ?

” No I actually don’t have patience

but what I do have

is forgiving kids”

Get it ?

I am not some super human mom that never yells or just floats through this motherhood journey perfectly.

I think it is just as important for my sons to see repentance

as it is to see any other life lesson or biblical principle.

Truth #2

Other moms will get defensive

What do I mean by that ?

Well, the second someone does something opposite of you,

(especially in parenting)

it forces them to reconsider or bash what you are doing.

Then Debbie Defensive comes to play.

( no I don’t mean her real name is Debbie 🙂

Instead of falling into the trap they set for you

( which can end with you somehow debating as to what is best for your children or trying to prove yourself in a war you’ll never win )

what I have learned is to smile 🙂

let them know you take it day by day,

actually second by second,

and that this is what works for you guys.

It is okay not to do what I do.

I am not God and I don’t have this motherhood task all figured out.

So if you are sometimes Debbie Defensive when you hear of how we do things

my advice to you is the same as above.

Just smile, hey maybe even encourage your fellow mom friend !

Lets build each other up in this tough job

whether you homeschool or not

eat organic or not

vaccinate or dont

I don’t care!

Last time I checked I am only responsible for the people in my home.

I am so sick of the secret mom clubs that think their way is the only way and sit and bash other parenting styles.

Do what you think is best for your child BOTTOM LINE !

(rant over)

Truth #3

your child will most likely be half naked or in pjs for school


why would we put real pants on when we can lounge in comfy clothes all day ?

I bet most of you can’t wait to get home from work and put on pjs.

So there is no dress code in my school,

and shirts and shoes are never required 🙂

Truth #4

Your house is gonna be messy

As much as I would like to tell you that my house is tidy all the time,

it is usually coated with crushed Cheerios and strange stains that remind me of throw up thats dry. ( YUCK, but its true )

As much as I love organization, sometimes my husband comes home to a sink full of dishes and no dinner and we clean up together and throw a frozen pizza in the oven.

My home now looks like a small private school, the Carolina room is converted into a classroom,

and instead of clear counters and cabinets we have Science projects and drawings on them.

One day far too soon I will miss this, so for now I am learning to embrace the chaos.



No two days are ever alike in our classroom

Sometimes we take lessons outside

Sometimes we take a much needed break smack dab in the middle of a lesson that I see my child struggling with,

what I then do is make some organic popcorn and we cuddle with Netflix and try again tomorrow.

After all I want my sons to love learning and not be rushed, so lets take our time 🙂

When on vacation in the random month of October,

sometimes school even follows us there! 🙂

That is what I call homeschool freedom.

And it is absolutely glorious.


You are hardly ever home

Yes, I would actually like to call homeschool a few different names such as


real world-school

this is what you will actually need as an adult -school

Between baseball games –

( yes your child can play sports ! and get scholarships, in fact many colleges have their own homeschool recruiting staffs because they are so talented)

(just saying)

So like I was saying between baseball, co ops and family errands we are BUSY !!!

And my favorite part about the busy

is we do it TOGETHER because I am not just their chauffeur I am also their main teacher.

Finally Truth#7

You can do this

Looking back at this year,

all the sleepless nights I spent researching curriculums and doubting if I could even do this giant task,

what I have learned most is one of the most destructive lies the devil whispers in your ear is


Because guess what, I DID do it.

And just like my bible says

” I can do all things through Christ

 who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

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2 thoughts on “the truth about homeschooling your kid; year one in the books, this is what I have learned thus far

  1. I have wracked my brain trying to get Jacksons preschool curriculum planned out even though he has atleast another year before we begin and even in my own family my and my fiancées choice to homeschool has not been welcomed with open arms, in fact his own brother called him randomly one day to pick a fight and tell us how wrong we were to “deprive him of normal life experiences” and after that I did have doubts but after some long thinking I still firmly believe it’s what is best for my son and our family. Sorry about the small rant but thank you for writing this it feels good to know some of the obstacles I’m experiencing are normal and it just gives me that much more confidence that I can do this!!!

    1. Yes and I’m here to help you feel free to ask any questions. Yes that is all normal !! Find me on social media and send me an email !

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