Awareness : Realizing What I Would Have Missed


I recently got back from a weekend getaway to the Bahamas

and because it was kid-free and husband-free

I was able to read a book.


I started a book and finished it,

that in itself is a small miracle when raising three little boys.

I can’t remember why or how I found the book


Hands Free Mama

by Rachel Macy Stafford

But now that I’ve been able to reach out to the author,

I am so thankful to God that our paths crossed

even if its just via email.

I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of moms

when I say that time has been on fast forward since that first cry in the hospital.

I’m constantly feeling rushed,



and tired.

I never thought being that we’re a homeschool family,

that I would get caught up in that busy mentality.

If I’m going to be honest with myself and my readers

 I want you to know that embarrassing truth about me.

I am so blessed.

I get to spend almost every school day taking part in my children’s education.

I have those special moments where we dance in the kitchen,

turn off devices,

and enjoy each other unplugged.

But unfortunately those moments were becoming far and few in between.

Whether it was answering an email from a blog sponsorship,

or editing a client’s photography session,

I started to realize I wasn’t actually engaging with my boys.


I don’t want to look back 15 years from now

and miss the sparkle in James eyes when he says

“Momma look”

or the accomplishment in Marcos eyes as he rides his bike.

To my readers,

if you are being honest with yourself,

 I think you can say that you’ve missed these moments too.

Join me in trying to be more aware,

realizing what we could miss.

*Here’s the hands free pledge:

I’m becoming hands free.

I want to make memories,

not to-do lists.

I want to feel the squeeze of my child’s arms,

not the pressure of over-commitment.

 I want to get lost in conversation with the people I love,

not consumed by a sea of unimportant emails.

I want to be overwhelmed by sunsets that give me hope,

not by overloaded agendas that steal my joy.

I want the noise of my life to be a mixture of laughter and gratitude,

not the intrusive buzz of cell phones and text messages.

I’m letting go of distractions,


and perfection

to live a life that simply,

so very simply,

consists of what really matters.

Im living hands free.

*direct excerpt from “Hand’s Free Mama

The author Rachel and I,

have partnered up

and she graciously will be giving away one free copy of the book.

The giveaway details will be on my Instagram


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