Date Your Kids

Since becoming a Mom almost seven years ago I have learned many things.

This entire journey is a learning process,

I am fully convinced.

I am not smarter,

Or more calm than you.

Yes, once you go from one child

to two

to three

you obviously have more work experience.

But I am no more of a super Mom than the

woman knee deep in poopie newborn diapers with her first babe

or the Mama with 6 kids under her belt.

Some of you write me asking how I do it,


my photography business,

usually that comment is followed with:

I only have one kid, I can’t imagine THREE.

We are all Super Mamas with a Super Savior.

Keeping our goals and eyes fixed on Christ has been so freeing.

And I felt the need to start this post by reminding you all of that.

So now that I preached, heres my not so perfect Mom advice for the day:


Just like you try to cultivate your marriage

likewise I have found that it is also important to carve away time for your kid(s)

One on one.

Sometimes it happens once a month


sometimes it is once every six months.

But being able to fully engage in whatever stage or sport or new game on the iPad my sons are interested in has meant the world to them.

And me.

So this week our “DATE”  was underpants .



We put Jamie down for a nap and made our way to the movies.

Captain Underpants was not exactly my choice for the one movie I see in the theater a year.

But the happiness on their faces as this large cartoon character in a cape and underpants showed up on the screen, now that was priceless.

While we shared Kit Kats ( that were 100 % not organic )

Yanni told me he would rather me call him John, which was new to me.

This stung a little because I knew that meant he didn’t like his baby ish name Yanni.

And he is growing and maturing.

I was glad he felt comfortable enough to say it to me.

Mark as usual kept it light and reminded me that he wants to be a fisherman when he grows up.

He also asked if one day Daddy would let him leave the shop half a day to find dinner in the deep ocean for us.

That kid is so funny.

We were able to bond over underpants and popcorn.

It was a glorious thing.




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