Top Five Mistakes New Homeschool Moms Make


I am by no means a homeschool veteran,
but I believe everyone has something to learn from mistakes.

this school year I will have a pre-schooler, kindergartener, and first grader.

it is exciting and scary all at the same time,

and I have learned so much from my own personal homeschool mistakes of last year.

there are way more than five,

but for times sake, here are the ones at the top of my list.

whether you homeschool or not,

I hope these can help you along your parenthood journey.

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Top FIVE Homeschool mistakes :

1. Over scheduling :

When you homeschool, sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of  “Keep them busy and THEY NEED SOCIALIZATION !!!!!”  While nothing is wrong with after school activities and clubs, the primary focus is FAMILY. What I have learned is that the more things crammed packed into our day, the more stressed Mama is and the more anxiety the student feels. This year I will have the boys in sports, but my primary focus will be relaxing and cultivating a love of God, family, and learning. All else will just not be a priority. Homeschool mom, time is on our side, so let’s not waste it.

2. Rushing:

My favorite part of homeschool is the fact that I know my kids strengths and weaknesses best; thats something NO teacher will learn in their four years at college. What’s the saying? Mama knows best. Yeah, so if I see a need in my sons this year, whether personally or intellectually, I whole heartedly plan to minister to that need. And there’s no principal except God and my husband telling me how to go about it. So take your time; if your child is struggling, put the books away, and go to the beach or park, and use your homeschool freedom!

3. Comparison :

Although it is very encouraging to have homeschool mama friends, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to have your child exactly where their child is or vise versa. Last year I found myself many times feeling inadequate. Or that my son needed more due to comparing his strengths and weaknesses to other children. As long as you have them hitting the grade requirements in a timely fashion,


so do not let competition steal your joy of one more single homeschool day from you.

4. Disorganization :

There are many things legally required of homeschool families, and you need to stay on top of that. Organization is key for records and sanity in my opinion. Have a binder for all the legal papers, attendance, and record keeping. Grab a rubbermaid tub for all the workbooks and art projects. Then label it with student’s name and year, and shove it under your bed just in case you get audited by the state!

5. Becoming a slave to your curriculum :

Last but not least, you are FREE from societies mold of how your child SHOULD LEARN. Although I am part of a co-op which requires a certain level of following through the planned weeks, sometimes we skip a lesson all together and double up the next. Or there are things that are not within the set curriculum that I add into our days. Some days my kids were ready to pull their hair out – days when they just could not grasp a concept while I stood over them like a drill-sergeant. Those poor kids! When I finally learned to back off, I became much more effective.

So there you have it, hopefully this can help some of my fellow Homeschool Mamas out!

I hope everyone is having an amazing week.



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