Joovy Balloon

when it comes to baby gear,

less is more.

as a new mom I thought I needed every single gadget on the market,

but when you have three kids,

you quickly realize more gear = more chaos.

for target runs I almost always have to have one child on my back and one in the stroller.

now that frick and frack are 5 and 6,

my go to single stroller is the Joovy Balloon


here are some reasons why it’s raising cubs approved:

  • lightweight- 

    at only 12.7 pounds I can hold the stroller with one hand while rangling the three boys (I have the $1000+ stroller, and it’s so heavy that I never use it)

  • comes pre-built – 

    who has time to sit and read directions? I know I don’t. all I had to do was pop the wheels in to have our very first walk (it took me about 5 minutes)

  • fully reclines- 

    an umbrella stroller is useless to me if my baby falls asleep in it, and I can’t fully recline him. I can’t tell you how many times I have been frustrated because James falls asleep sitting up (a stroller fully reclining is a deal breaker for me)

  • two cup holders-

    yet another way my hands are free is I don’t have to hold my water bottle or the baby’s sippy cup. the Joovy Balloon comes with two cup holders standard.

  • extra-large UV 50 canopy-



    living one block from the beach, sun safety is huge for our family and this stroller makes it easy for me to know James is always protected from harmful UV rays.

  • reversible handle

    this gives you the option to see your baby in a reverse-stroll mode (I like options and especially when the baby is little it is nice to be able to look at their sweet little face)

  • bassinet mode

    multi-position reclining seat is helpful for naps on-the-go. the near-flat recline is suitable for newborns.

  • car seat adapter-

    convert the balloon to a lightweight travel system with the included car seat adapters.

  • storage basket-

    DSC_0304-13-3.jpgcarry up to 5 lbs of necessities. the storage basket is HUGE !

    The Joovy Balloon is available at all major retailers and is the only umbrella stroller on the market I use. To be honest it is nothing like conventional ”umbrella strollers”. It has all the bells and whistles of a heavy, more expensive stroller and the functionality of it is why it is Raising Cubs Approved. DSC_0301-13.jpgDSC_0306-13.jpg


| this is a sponsored post, but as always is the Raising Cubs truth |

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