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I am a photographer.

If you really want to ruffle my feathers,

print my images that I work so hard on capturing and then spend hours editing through a low quality printing company.

Or do yourself a favor and use


Plywerk is an amazing company that custom prints your cherished moments on wood and other materials, so forget canvas, wood is the way to go!


A little about the company :

Plywerk started in a basement. Kim, a photographer, needing to mount a photo, took some wood glue to the photo and applied it to a piece of plywood. Kjell, a serial entrepreneur and graphic designer, saw an opportunity. A product was created and a business was born.

For the next two years they sold Kim’s photos on gorgeous maple plywood at local craft-markets.There they met like-minded artists, fellow entrepreneurs, loyal customers, and a wizard named Paul. In 2012, they moved the growing team out of their house, into a new workshop and began to expand the product line to offer more ways for you to display your photos, products and memories.

I never thought printing my images on wood would make such a huge difference but it really does.

The resolution of the files was not compromised whatsoever and that my friends makes my photographer heart sing!



As you can see from the side view, it is a beautiful added touch of character when you can see the wood from the side of the products.

It is so much better than a regular frame or canvas and they have definitely made a customer for LIFE with me !

I would like to add that this company proudly makes all of their products int the USA and also runs out of a Green facility that is run off of 100% solar power.


So next time you are in the market for  wood prints or if you are one of my loyal Raising Cubs Photography customers please give  PLYWERK  your business !

|| This is a sponsored post, but as always is the Raising Cubs truth ||



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