Reality Check


DSC_0276-15.jpgEvery so often I think it’s important to be real with my followers and subscribers.

Real like not my perfect picture on Instagram.

So here goes:

I usually never have makeup on.

I yell at my kids,

and repent eventually.

I lose my patience second by second.

My marriage is not perfect,

but it is covered in the blood of Christ. 

I homeschool my kids,

not because I am better than you or smarter than you,

It’s because it works for us.

I have about ten pounds I would like to lose,

but probably won’t.

Some days my mom guilt could eat me alive

for not feeling like I am living up to the unrealistic standards that Pinterest has set.

Don’t be fooled by my  pretty social media accounts or my smiling face with lots of dry shampoo and concealer 🙂 I never want to be the tool Satan uses to trip you up.

Or make you feel like less of a mother or inadequate.

There is no perfection in motherhood this side of eternity.

Once you truly realize that,

it is remarkably freeing.

We are all in this together,

on good days when your mama heart is full,

and on bad days when you feel like the worst mother that ever walked the planet.

Please know I am nothing special,

and anything good you see is a direct gift of Christ.

Keep your eyes fixed on your redeemer in every stage of this crazy motherhood journey.

And never forget what a high and holy calling it is.





One thought on “Reality Check

  1. I love this Jackie!! What a beautiful way to say reality check lol!! You always keep it real and down to earth it sets your blog and your imperfectly perfect photos apart from the rest. Xoxo -Brandy

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