-Toddler Wearing Mama and what my favorite carrier is and why

First things first, you must know

I DO let my two and half year old walk in stores.

But any veteran Mama knows chasing your toddler through Target QUICKLY can ruin your trip.

I prefer carrying him on my back,

and with most carriers he had gotten too big

This made my Mama heart SAD!

That is where JUBLII baby carriers came to save the day!


I own every single baby carrier on the market.

Expensive, not so expensive and in between,

and I can honestly tell you this is the ONLY toddler carrier I will use from here on out.

It is super comfortable, that is so important when lugging around a toddler on my back.

Another thing I love about this carrier is you can wear your baby front or backwards.

Each one of these carriers is hand made by the sweetest baby wearing Mama which makes supporting this brand just that much more sweet!

If you haven’t heard of them yet PLEASE check Jublii baby out !




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