– I can only be your friend via text

Whether it was high school or in my early twenties,

I was always  a social butterfly.

I had so called  friends  galore!

Many things drastically change from the second you become a Mom.

During all the different stages, pregnancies, having an infant, having an infant and a toddler, then having school age children, sporting events, clubs, homeschool groups etc. I quickly realized there was never going to be enough hours in the day.

As a Christian woman,

I cherish the fellowship between my sisters in Christ,

but you need to know

I can only be your friend via text, definitely not a phone call. 

Some of you may be thinking, well thats a sorry excuse.

Or maybe I should have my children better trained.

The fact of the matter is

during these ever-changing seasons of my life

I can only commit to that.

For those of you that have school aged kids and don’t homeschool,

you do have little breaks to do activities or schedule in a phone call.

( and that is wonderful 🙂

Homeschool moms, we don’t.

And when my hot husband comes home after a long day,

the truth is I would much rather spend quality time with him than go out for a girls night.

No offense to those of you who count the days to see their best friend,

or have Mom friend lunch dates, good for you!

But right now, its just not happening.

So if you are my friend and this sounds like you are getting the short end of the stick,

here is what I can promise you.

I will think about you often,

then I will think I replied to your text message,

get distracted and never answer.

I will pray for you.

I will send you funny memes to brighten your day when you least expect it.


We will have full blown conversations and talk struggles and life

all on our smart phone’s keyboard.

I will be the best darn friend you ever had via text.

I promise!

And one day all too soon, I will be available to you like in times past.

I will be able to meet you for movie dates

and coffee where we lose track of time.

But for now, I plan on raising my tribe and enjoying my husband wherever that may lead me.

Text you later.







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