I Don’t Have the Patience to Homeschool my Kids

I don’t have the patience to homeschool my kids !

If I had a dollar every time someone said that to me, I would be one rich Mama bear.

Wanna know a secret? I don’t have the patience either.

Are you surprised ? I am just like any other Mom trying to navigate this high and holy calling of  motherhood.

Homeschooling my tribe of boys has been the BIGGEST

blessing and some days

curse of my life.

We have aha moments were my son will truly grasp a new Math concept,

and we have terrible meltdowns over Adjectives.

I am constantly second guessing my abilities, decisions and if I’m royally screwing up my kids – but doesn’t that sound like every Mom’s internal battle if we are being honest with ourselves ? Yes, deciding to homeschool is a monumental task and yes, some days I think I am absoltuley crazy – but there is so much beauty in the chaos.

I am no better than you,

I struggle immensely with every meltdown, tough lesson,

and interruption that comes our way throughout the day.

As a third year homeschool mama I am no veteran at this, but I can share some tips that will help you along your journey.

  1. Its okay to skip days  – Sonlight lays out a wonderful literature rich curriculum for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go at your own pace. Sometimes we can finish all of the weeks Science in a mere few hours. Sometimes it takes weeks to do a new Math concept. THAT IS THE FREEDOM that comes with homeschool.
  2. Homeschool doesn’t look like conventional school – yes of course we have a white board, we run through lessons at a table and mimic what most would think is how ” school ” should look. But honestly, most days its done at the kitchen bar, outside and even on the floor of our living room. Sometimes History is no more than a book in front of a toasty fire in our pjs. Take what you think school should  look like and throw it away because homeschool is constantly changing around your family and what season of life you are in.
  3. Invest in a big table – I originally had separate desks for each of the boys and it sort of defeated the purpose. We always ended up sitting together all spread out. So it doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be about the size of a kitchen table. You’ll thank me later for that tip, had I known before I could have saved some money on the fancy school desks I thought we HAD to have.
  4. Keep the littles busy ( whatever it takes ) – iPad, television, legos, a nap – DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO  to teach the lesson with the least interruptions. Don’t let the Mama guilt creep up, the older children need your undivided attention sometimes and that is perfectly okay.
  5.  Stop beating yourself up, YOU CAN DO THIS – now I am preaching to myself. I am FULLY convinced that parents are more than capable of being the primary teacher of their children. You don’t need a teaching background or diploma. NO ONE but God knows your son or daughter better than you, which actually equips you with all you really need. I am not saying that I haven’t spent countless hours researching methods of learning, curriculums and lots of trial and error with our days. But I am saying that the Lord knows your intentions, your weaknesses and he blesses you abundantly in the areas you feel like you have most failed.

 To the homeschool Mama,

breathe your babies in deep. Give yourself the Grace you deserve and know that you are not alone in this journey.

To the people who think they don’t have the patience to do what I do, 

Hey ! me neither, I lose it sometimes, I yell and think I can’t do this.  I know that the Lord has put this on my heart for now and will press on relying heavily on Him, other homeschool Mama friends and Sonlight Curriculum .




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