Homeschool Myths


It is no surprise that when we do anything against the grain that can sometimes come with prejudices.

I thought it would be fun to do a homeschool myth post 🙂

Myth : Homeschooled Children Don’t Socialize

This is perhaps the most prevalent myth, and the most incorrect.

Socialization is about much more than just interacting with other children in the same age group. Instead of a child being stuck in a classroom with the same thirty students every day, forced to stay in lines, in chairs and to be quiet in the halls -when homeschooled, a child gets to socialize with family, parents, neighbors, friends, and members of the community. The social skills that a child learns from being homeschooled are often more beneficial and healthy than what many kids get from a traditional school environment 🙂 #sorrynotsorry

In fact, a 2000 study by the Discovery Institute showed that homeschooled children were scored as “well-adjusted” by trained counselors and exhibited fewer behavioral problems than their peers.

Myth : If You’re Homeschooled, You Can’t Get into College

Yeah no, you not only can get into a great college, you get a diploma, you can walk at graduation, have a prom and in fact some of the nations TOP colleges pick homeschooled kids and athletes over students from conventional schools.


Homeschoolers have a higher rate of attending college than any other group of children: 66.7% of homeschooled children, compared to 57.5% of traditional public school children. Some top-tier colleges like Yale, Dartmouth, and UC Berkeley actually seek out homeschooled kids and accept them at a high rate. These schools recognize the unique qualities and skills that such children often possess, such as being self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Myth : Parents Aren’t Qualified to Teach

This one makes me so sad for parents that doubt their abilities. All parents are teaching their kids. Just because its not in a classroom, that doesn’t make you less qualified. In fact, NO ONE knows that child better than you, not the teacher, not the counselor, not the principal and with Sonlight Advisors you have a team of veteran mamas there to help you and cheer you on ! When you are a part of the Sonlight Homeschool family you have their support! They not only have advisors that will answer questions, but also their curriculum takes all of the guess work out, one box delivered to our door with everything we need for that school year 🙂

Myth : Homeschooled Kids Can’t Function in the Real World

Homeschooled kids have such a well rounded view of the real world, they live and learn in it every day. Thats right, my kids are not locked in their house all day forced to talk to only each other. We travel year round. We take lessons outside, to the beach, to the park ANYWHERE! Not only that, but homeschooled kids get the unique opportunity to play travel sports without missing school, they get to volunteer in their community any time they want, they get to cultivate the relationships that matter most, THEIR FAMILY !

Myth: If you Homeschool you Have to be Smart, a Dork, Religous or mildly CRAZY

Despite what most think. No I am not amish, super ” religious “, or smart. I am not a dork, in fact I think I am pretty cool 🙂 I do love the Lord, and yes that drives me to spend as much time as I can with my sons, because I am convicted that its my job to be the primary teacher of my children, especially in the younger years.


Like anything else homeschoolers are not all the same. We come from all walks of life, with different motivations, styles and goals. In fact approximately 1.7 million children are homeschooled every day in the United States. We are kind of a gang, so beware. Most homeschool families don’t conform to the worlds standards, rulebook or views. We are also raising free thinkers and children who have a strong foundation.

No matter what your reason is for homeschooling, I know that this decision was not made or taken lightly. Mama stay strong and lets break these common homeschool stigmas.

For those of you that believed some of those homeschool myths, I hope I enlightened you a bit.

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