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Welcome to my 2019 Christmas Gift Guide !

I will weekly share ideas here on my blog of different ideas that are super affordable for you guys !

Gift 1:
This is the perfect gift for anyone because who doesn’t need an extra diffuser lying around!
However, this is also ideal for all your friends and fam not currently using oils as it gives them a
little taste of diffuser magic!
You all remember when you diffused for the first time, right? It’s such a memorable experience,
so give that experience to your people!
Here’s what is included in this gift:
+ a wood grain diffuser from amazon
here’s the link to a pack of 2 for only $21.99:
+ a 5mL of Christmas Spirit to give them all the holiday vibes
cost: $10.50
total gift cost: $21.50

gift 1.jpg


Gift 2:
I loveeee this gift! It’s a classic that you can repeat every single year because who does not
love hot chocolate when the crisp air starts blowing in?
It’s also a great way to show people that you can use oils internally in your food & beverages…
so yummmm!
Here’s what’s included in this gift:
+ a cute mug
this one is from Target is $4.99 and sooo cozy:
+ hot chocolate mix in a mason jar. here’s an organic mix for only $3.99:
+ a 5mL of Peppermint oil
cost: $10.25
+ optional: grab a 4 pack of these frayed napkins as stuffers from target for $9.99:
total gift cost: $19.25

gift 3.jpg

Gift 3:
A beautiful gift that’s perfect for any women, especially those with long or frizzy locks! This
bamboo hair towel + customized bamboo bottle filled with Mirah Hail oil is such a pretty set!
Here’s what’s included in this gift:
+ a bamboo hair towel from amazon for $12.99:
+ a bamboo bottle from amazon
here’s a set of 2 for $10.99:
or grab a similar bottle from grand parfums on etsy
+ mirah hair oil (you will only have to use 1/5 of the bottle to fill up this bamboo dropper)
cost: $26.75
total gift cost: $24


Happy Monday Friends !!


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