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Household Makeover

Let’s chat about one of the number one things we ALL use for a clean home: household cleaners.

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization focused on the environment and public health, has a website that lists the safety information of common household products you use to clean your home. These products contain ingredients containing carcinogens, asthma instigators, and poisons, which mean some sparkly cleaners might come at a high price.

Many of the generic cleaners contain Phthalates which interfere with hormones and are carcinogens.

Thieves cleaner does NOT contain those big bad Phthalates. Instead of Phthalates, Thieves Cleaner by Young Living contains two different sulfates that are derived from coconut oil and sugar. These all-natural and safe sulfates that are considered surfactants, which contain a molecule that loves water and a molecule that hates water. That means the Thieves Cleaner sticks to the surface and grabs the oil and then washes away easily with water. #ScienceIsCool

It can be used on many different surfaces: counters, bathrooms, floors, toys, clothes, carpet, mirrors, windows, and more. Spot check a small area before you use your Thieves cleaner on a new surface.


This cleaner is also insanely cost effective. It is highly concentrated so you only need about a capful of this all-purpose cleaner in about one cup of water. With this ratio, one small bottle will yield you about 29 16 oz spray bottles of safe all-purpose cleaner. That means it’s under $1 for one spray bottle. Can’t beat that price! Time to #DitchAndSwitch all your household cleaners for the Thieves all-purpose cleaner. Living above the wellness line and saving money at the same time. Double bonus!

The Thieves cleaner comes in a small or large bottle and you can even get a convenient spray great for shopping carts, public tables, and so much more.

Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 fl oz or 64 oz (concentrated solution)

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DIY Thieves scrub cleaner

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cleaning product, this is going to be your best friend.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for deep cleaning using your Thieves Cleaner.

What you will need:

3 cups Baking Soda

¾ cup of Thieves household cleaner

1 Tbs of Distilled White Vinegar

30 drops of Young Living Lemon essential oil


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. It will be the texture of a paste. Store in an air-tight container or jar. Best if used within three months.

Check out this before and after photo of a shower drain using only this toxin-free scrub and a scrub brush.

Happy cleaning!



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