I am Jackie the mama bear behind Raising Cubs

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart.

and we have four precious sons.

About 6 Years ago, I was just like you. I had no idea how to use essential oils, or if they would work for me at all. 

I knew that natural remedies had worked in the past for so many different things. 

We ate organic food, limited sugars and took what I thought to be good vitamins, yet I knew something was missing.

So, I got myself a  starter kit .


I quickly saw the effectiveness of these oils in our daily lives.

They worked every time, for every thing. And because I’ve seen it first hand, I want you and every other mama bear  to experience this with me, too.

I will show you exactly what oils to use and how to use them, and cater to YOUR specific situation! Let’s do this, together !