Essential Rewards

So what is this all about anyways ?

I just like you,

hate contracts + most auto ship programs.

But this is unlike any I have ever done.

+ no contracts

+ only a 50 PV minimum

+ earn back points

+ better shipping

+ free products

What do you have to lose ?

Customize It

Each month you get to pick the items that arrive in your wellness box

Combine any of our oils, supplements, beauty items or nutritional products to create your box. Change it as many times as you would like before it ships !

Perks For Loyalty

Each month you stay on ER you are eligible to earn

+ ER points ( like store credit )

+Qualify for free oils and exclusive ER only promotions

+Exclusive access to ER kits


ER requires just a 50 pv a month in order to earn back points

+ the larger the order the more points back you earn !

earn 10% back months 1- 3

earn 20% back months 4-24

earn 25% back months 25+

How do I join ?

You can now place you first kit purchase on your Essential Rewards order and start earning back all the amazing freebies from day 1 !

IF you have already purchased your kit, simply go in your dashboard and hit Essential Rewards, feel free to message me any questions !